• 39% of small business owners indicated that cash flow was a key obstacle to starting their businesses. Due to strict bank regulations, and  collateral requirements, they were not able to easily access short-term credit for funding. 

  • 71% of South Africa's women have educational qualifications equal to or lower than Grade 12, placing great obstacles in their business opportunities that require high levels of expertise.  ​​

  • First time business owners and entrepreneurs don't readily have the access to networks of investors or potential partners. ​ ​​

  • South Africa's ​established business  stand at 2.9 % with total entrepreneurship activity at 10.6% and increasing. 1/3rd of South African small businesses closed shop in 2014.

      *Source: S.A. Dept. of Trade & Industry; Youth Enterprise Development Strategy 2013-2023

​      *Global Entrepreneurial Monterol  2014 Report